QTC Landscape Construction Inc. offers all types of pavers for landscape edging for your landscaping beds in various colors and styles. Landscape pavers are “hardscaping,” referring to your landscaping project’s paved areas such as sidewalks, retaining walls, patios, and bed borders. QTC Landscape Construction Inc. provides brick, concrete, or natural pavers based on your preference. Our landscape design team will advise you on the best pavers for your landscape and environment. We have designed custom landscapes with pavers for homeowners throughout Menifee, Murrieta, Riverside County, and many surrounding areas.

Types Of Pavers

QTC Landscape Construction Inc. is a Riverside County landscaping company specializing in landscaping. We install top-quality landscape pavers for residential and commercial properties. In addition, Our QTC team is committed to helping you create a stunning landscape paver design that reflects your wants and needs. Here is a list of landscape paver services QTC Landscape Construction Inc. offers.

Patio Pavers

An adequately designed and professionally installed backyard paver is the best addition to your home to extend your outdoor living area. However, creating a beautiful and functional patio requires careful planning and preparation. Before your patio installation, QTC Landscape Construction Inc. will also look at your property to see if you need landscape drainage. If not, we can start to level and grade for the new patio installation.

We offer various pavers for your patio. Each paver has organic qualities, color, texture, and varying sizes and shapes. Because landscape pavers are expensive, many homeowners use them with other materials such as concrete, bricks, or artificial turf. Please visit our artificial turf installation page for more information. Additionally, we offer a modern concrete paver square pad for your patio. Whether you’re looking at adding different elements combined with gravel and a hardy ground cover between the stones. Our gallery page provides helpful patio paver ideas for your home or property.

Walkway Pavers

Paver walkways can complete the landscape design on full backyard landscape paver installations. When done correctly, a path walkway will improve the look of your new backyard landscape. Whether you want to upgrade your front yard landscape or backyard landscaping, QTC Landscape Construction Inc. can help you achieve style and functionality.

Planter Pavers / Landscape Edging

Edging Pavers are to define landscape beds. They help prevent soil erosion from the rain, and there are many material options, including natural stone, brick, and concrete. The landscape design will decide which kind of landscape paver edging our professionals will use. We will consider aesthetics and functionality. The landscape edging should be comparable to paver walkways or patio pavers. It will help maintain the overall look and feel of your landscape design.

Pool Deck Pavers

Pool pavers are an attractive, safe, and functional pool decking option. There are countless design and color options, but pool pavers can also be inexpensive. In some cases, the homeowner has not installed a pool decking when building their pool because of their budget. Or they could not decide on which material to use for the project. You can also include landscape water fountains to add to the whole scenery!

A swimming pool decking pulls your pool and landscaping together to help make the backyard of your dreams. When deciding your decking size, think about outdoor tables, chairs, lounges, and shade havens.

Retaining Walls

Backyard retaining walls serve many purposes, from protecting areas of the property to holding a foundation in place. We can also use retaining walls to add surface area to property boundaries. Also, because retaining walls are often one of the most visible elements of a home’s front yard landscaping, most homeowners want them to be beautiful and functional. Several materials are available, making it easy to get the job done for even the tightest budget. Remember that landscape drainage is sometimes essential when building a retaining wall drainage.

In Riverside County and surrounding areas, retaining walls are less common due to flat land terrain. But, of course, if you find your property is on a natural or artificial slope, you can use retaining walls.

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